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made by : Patrick Humbert, Brussels, Belgium

Note that discography may contain some omissions and errors.
Sometimes, when you donít own the record, it's hard to know whether itís really Irving Kaufman really singing. He went under many pseudonyms, and those same pseudonyms were used by different singers. To produce this ambitious piece of work, Iíve had a lot of help from people all over the world.
I hope I'm not omitting anybody :

Ryan Barna (USA), Chris Zwarg (USA), Allan Sutton (USA), Didier-Jean Dorť and Tony-Marc Gallez (France), Iwan Fresart (Belgium), Polina Tarassov, Kira Fomin (Belgium), Gilles Brissonneau (France), , Jean-Christophe Averty (France), John Goslin (UK), Don Chichester (USA), Hans Koert (Holland), Carol Powell (USA), Eleanor Suchman (USA)
Made by Patrick Humbert, Brussels, Belgium
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1914-1916 1917-1919
1924-1925 1926
1927 1928 1929 1930 1931-74
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