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New-York, September 1931
C 1497-2 MeCrown 3217, PPR LP 101
These recordings are non-commercial Recordings.
They are made for purpose for Radio stations and were not available for public.
Irving Kaufman said that he was very proud
of these recordings. He was on the top of his vocal power.

New-York, ca. 3-6/7/1946
Alexander Ragtime Band Thesaurus Record 1362, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Waiting For The Robert E.Lee as above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Under The Bamboo Treeas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
By The Beautiful Seeas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
In The Good Old Summertimeas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
BedeliaThesaurus Record 1410, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Good Evening Carolinaas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
I Want A Girl,
Like The Girl That Married Dear Old Dad
as above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Wait & Seeas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Lil’ Liza Janeas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Waltz Me Around Again Willyas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
My Wife’s Gone The Country Thesaurus Record (number unknown)
CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Oh, You Beautiful Dollas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
? New-York, late 1947
Think It Over, Mary Bennett 801, PPR LP 100,
CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
The Curse Of An Aching HeartBennett 801, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Irving Kaufman & His Musical Schmos
New-York, ca., 1948 or 1949
Moe The Schmo – ActivityRIVOLY RECORDS LP R 5,
CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Moe The Schmo – Nat The Rat –
Takes In A Boarder
as above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Moe The Schmo – Plays Golfas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Moe The Schmo – Rhumba Lessonsas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Moe The Schmo – Gets Romanticas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Gay Vec, Cherieas above, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Recorded by Paul Nehrich in Palm Desert,
20-21/8/1974, Belle Brooks (Mrs. I. Kaufman), piano
Medley – Sunbonnet Sue
I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time
I’m Going To Sit Right Down & Write Myself A Letter
PPR LP 100, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
God Bless America (with spoken parts by Paul Nehrich)PPR LP 100, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Peg O My Heart
(with spoken introduction by Irving Kaufman)
PPR LP 101<, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)
Down Virginia WayPPR LP 101, CD PH (IK 1946-1974)

Thanks to :

Kira Fomin, Polina Tarassova, Brian Rust, J.E. Knox, Ryan Barna, Hans Koert, Tim Gracyc,
Carole Powell-Kaufman,Eleanor Suchman, Didier-Jean Dore, Tony Marc-Gallez,
Dave Bartholomew, Gilles Brissoneau, Jean-Christophe Averty, Iwan Fresart,
Jeffrey Silver, Don Chichester, Dr David Dana