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Pseudonyms used by Irving Kaufman

As a recording artist, Irving Kaufman made lot of recordings with plenty of different pseudonyms.
Sometimes, these pseudonyms are related to a specific label, sometimes Irving sings with an orchestra and his vocal
is not credited on the record...
So, we have to listen carefully to many dance bands records.

For exemple, Noel Taylor was a regular pseudonym of Irving for Okeh.
Listen carefully to "Our Bungalow Of Dreams" and "Lila", recorded in New York on April 3, 1928
with Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra
it's really hard to believe that Irving is the singer !

Jim Andrews, George Beaver, Billy Clarke, Howard Wilson,
Mort Stanley ( Domino, Banner, Oriole), Noel Taylor (Okeh, Col),
Frank Harris, Vincent Van Tuyl (Col) Confidential Charlie,
Jimmy Flynn (Har), ??John Ryan (Ed), Hugh Donovan (Cq, Jewel),
Henry Beaver, Pete Killeen (Cam, Lin, Ro), Marvin Young, Tom Frawley, Tom Edwards, Robert Wood (Har), Freddie Mark (Cl), Pierre Lafond, Irving Edwards, Jim Andrews,
Jack Manning, Jack Shean (Cam), Irving Combs (Sil), Tom Duffy, Ray Wynn (Bwy), Charles Dickson on (Jewel, Or), Arthur Brown
Irving Terribilsky,